AT-A-GLANCE* Printer Formatted Data Disk" 86 Ridgedale Ave. Cedar Knolls, Nd 0792?

Epson RX SO & FYT+" Versian

This disk contains al] that you need to use all your printers capabilities with the word processing program AtariWriter". With this disk you will be able to use all the features of Atarilriter available from your printer,

System Requirements:

1, Atari” Computer 2. Atari or Atari compatible disk drive 3. Atarilriter Cartridge

Directions tor Use:

To use this disk, copy the entire disk. Copy it as many times as you like. Atari 1050 with DOS 3 users, copy the reverse side of the disk. Each copy is a data disk formatted for use with your printer.

To use the Printer Formatted Data Disk insert your AtariWriter cartridge into your computer with power off. Turn on the disk drive and wait for the busy light to go out. Insert a copy of the Printer Formatted Data Disk inte the drive and turn on the computer.

When it 18 time to print, you will not see a printer menu. The printer instructions will automatically be translated to your Epson RX 80 & F/Tt.

The Epson RX 80 & F/T# —has-a great variety of fonts and print modes available through the use of this data disk ~~ and AtariWriter. The printer will underline and is capable of printing superscripts and subscripts. Select £ will produce double wide, elongated print for special emphasis or titles.

The following fonts and enhancements are selected by changing the Control 6G i to the number desired:

Control G i prints pica at 10 pitch 6 Jines/in 80) chars/line Control G 2 prints elite 12 pitch 6 lines/in 96 chars/line Control G 3. condensed 15 pitch 6 Jines/in 132 chars/line Control G 4 prints supercondensed 132 chars/line 100 lines/pa Control G 3 prints in italics font

Control 6 6 prints in bold pica

Control G 7 prints in bold elite

Control] G 8 prints in bold condensed

Control 6 9 prints in bold italics

The Epson RX 80 & F/T+ does not have reverse line feeds so automatic double column printing is not possible. However double column printing may be achieved by using this method. Set up double column by following the instructions in the AtaraWriter manual. When it is time to print the printer will halt at the bottom of column one. At this time manually move the paper back to the first print line then press the START button on the computer console to resume the printing of column two.

The use of the back slash character \ plus one key will give access to nine special symbol sets. \O U.S.A, set of HIN]: \1 FRANCE set, \2 GERMANY, \3 ENGLAND, \4 DENMARK, \S SWEDEN, ITALY, \? SPAIN, \8 JAPAN

These characters can be mixed on a jine. In addition to the above characters backslash ] and backslash B, \] \B can be used to add italics or bold or both to a word or even a single character. They are turned oft by using

the \N command to restore norma! printing.

* copyright Atari Corp., Epson America, At-A-Glance